January 17-18, 2014 Salt Lake City, Utah

Adam Culp @adamculp

Refactoring 101
Clean Application Development
Adam Culp (@AdamCulp), organizer of the SunshinePHP Developer Conference and South Florida PHP Users Group (SoFloPHP) where he speaks regularly, is a Zend Certified PHP 5.3 Engineer consulting for Zend Technologies. Adam is passionate about developing with PHP and enjoys helping others write good code, implement standards, refactor efficiently, and incorporate unit and functional tests into their projects. When he is not coding or contributing to various developer communities, he can be found hiking around the United States National Parks, teaching judo, or long distance running.

Alma Madsen @almamadsen

Advanced CSS3 Techniques
Twitter Bootstrap Bootcamp
Alma has been working at Lucid for the past three years and helped build Lucidchart from the ground up. An avid CSS enthusiast, Alma has designed the entire UI for Lucidchart on both desktop and mobile. Alma holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. He enjoys rock climbing, snowboarding, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Ben Edmunds @benedmunds

Your API Sucks
Intro to Laravel 4
Ben Edmunds leads development teams to create cutting-edge web and mobile applications. He is an active leader, developer, and speaker in various development communities, especially the CodeIgniter and Laravel PHP framework communities.

Beth Tucker Long @e3betht

Usability Basics
I've Been Hacked, Now What?
Beth Tucker Long is the Editor-In-Chief of php[architect] magazine (http://www.phparch.com), co-organizer of Madison PHP (http://www.madisonphp.com), and she also teaches PHP courses and freelances. You can find her on Twitter (@e3betht) or on her blog (http://www.alittleofboth.com). She runs Treeline Design - http://www.treelinedesign.com, a web development company, and Playlist Event Music - http://www.playlisteventmusic.com, a DJ company, along with her husband, Chris.

Brian Holt @holtbt

Let Grunt.js Tell You Your Code Sucks
Brian has been referred to as a "Jack of All Trades and Master of Some." Brian isn't quite sure who Jack is, but he'd like to meet him. Brian started his tenure as a PHP developer at Nu Skin Enterprises before moving on to working on to KSL working on the Classifieds, Jobs, and Cars properties. Since his days there, he's moved on to become a front-end developer for Needle, an invited expert for the HTML Working Group, and an instructor for Null to Node. Brian is now the director of redditgifts front-end development for reddit. When Brian's not staring at screens, he like trail running, skiing, world-trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and spending time with his wife and puppy.

Bryan Petty @ibakunet

PHP from a Hosting Perspective
Holding the title of “WordPress Developer” at Bluehost as part of the Open Source Outreach team, Bryan works full-time on WordPress core, contributing patches, and providing support to the WordPress community. He is very passionate about open source software, has mentored students in the Google Summer of Code program 4 years in a row, and is also an official developer on the wxWidgets open source project.

Chris Boden @boden_c

Reacting: Event Driven Programming
Chris is a polyglot developer currently writing "enterprisey" software who got his professional start at programming with PHP. He is the author of Ratchet and co-author of React. Chris loves writing software that is real-time driven.

Chris Cornutt @enygma

Auth*: Dispelling the Myths
For the last 10+ years, Chris has been involved in the PHP community in one way or another. These days he's the Senior Editor of PHPDeveloper.org and lead author for Websec.io, a site dedicated to teaching developers about security. He's written for several PHP publications and has spoken at conferences in both the U.S. and Europe. He's also an organizer of the DallasPHP User Group and the Lone Star PHP Conference.

Chris Hartjes @grmpyprogrammer

Building Testable PHP Applications
Why Is Testing So Hard?
Chris Hartjes has been building web applications of all shapes and sizes since 1998, with a focus on best practices and how to use testing as an effective development tool. By day he works as a Principal Engineer for Synacor (http://synacor.com) while by night he works on building programming info-products, playing Magic the Gathering, and watching and playing baseball. He also is one of the organizers of the Greater Toronto Area PHP User Group and the True North PHP conference. He lives in Milton, Ontario, Canada with his long-suffering wife, two daughters, a furry pig masquerading as a cat, and the reincarnation of the Roman god of the underworld in feline form.

David Bateman

Welcome to Ski PHP
Since he founded the company in 2003, Dave Bateman has served as CEO of Property Solutions International, Inc., the multi-housing industry’s only software provider with a comprehensive Platform as a Service (PaaS) system. Bateman started the Provo-based company after his business plan for streamlined property management software won first place in both the 2003 BYU Business Plan competition and 2003 Fortune Small Business MBA Showdown. Property Solutions now serves more than 20,000 apartment communities nationwide with a wide variety of online tools, including websites, mobile apps, payments, lease signing, accounting, and resident management. Bateman remains extremely involved in daily operations at Property Solutions and was recently named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2013 Utah Regional Awards.

David Stockton @dstockto

Increase Code Quality with Code Reviews
Hacking Sites for Fun and Profit
David Stockton has been writing PHP code professionally since 1998. He is Vice President of Technology at i3logix in Denver, CO and president of the Front Range PHP User Group. He is very passionate about source control, test driven development and PHP development. He is married and has two daughters who he is teaching to program and build circuits with Arduino and a two year old son who has been seen studying calculus and recursive algorithms. He created zendtutorials.com and tddftw.com.

David Stokes @stoker

SQL, Data plans, and getting things fast from our database
Dave Stokes is a MySQL Community Manager for Oracle and previously was the MySQL Certification Manager for MySQL AB

Derrick Isaacson @derrickisaacson

Cargo Cult Security Programming
Derrick Isaacson is the director of development for Lucid Software Inc (lucidchart.com). He graduated from BYU with a BS in Electrical Engineering and from Stanford University with an MS in Computer Science specializing in distributed computing. He's developed tier 1 services for Amazon, social platforms for Microsoft, and a new BI application with Domo. Derrick has two patent applications, one for an authentication protocol at Microsoft, and another for a cloud monitoring design at Domo. For fun he cycles, backpacks, and takes his son to the hardware store in his F150.

Dustin Whittle @dustinwhittle

Silex: From micro to full-stack
The DevOps Pay Raise: Quantifying Your Value to Move Up the Ladder
Dustin Whittle is a Developer Evangelist at AppDynamics where he focuses on helping organizations manage application performance. Before joining AppDynamics, Dustin was CTO at Kwarter, a consultant at SensioLabs, and developer evangelist at Yahoo!. He has experience building and leading engineering teams and working with developers and partners to scale to meet demand. When Dustin isn't working he enjoys flying, sailing, diving, golfing, and travelling around the world. Find out more at dustinwhittle.com.

Edward Finkler @funkatron

More Code, More Problems
Open Sourcing Mental Illness
I’m a PHP, Python and JavaScript dork. I made Spaz, an open source microblogging client for desktop and HP Palm webOS. My turn-ons include open source, web runtimes platforms, and RESTful APIs. I’m currently working for Fictive Kin lots of cool stuff. You can catch me on Twitter, where I’m @funkatron.

Eli White @EliW

Iterators, ArrayAccess & Countable – Oh My!
Web Security and You
Eli has been building Web Applications for over 18 years and fell in love with PHP the day that PHP 4 was released. Since then he's been a strong advocate for PHP and used it in every project he's work on. He is currently a Founding Partner & CTO of Musketeers.me, and the Managing Editor of php[architect] magazine. He is also an avid writer (blogs, articles and books), and has spoken at numerous conferences.

Elizabeth Naramore @elizabethn

GitHub: More than Just Code
I am an author, speaker, mentor, and recovering PHP developer. I currently work on the Community Team at GitHub, and I love finding new solutions to old problems.

H Hatfield @hatfieldje

Having the Answer - Caching Strategies and Tips
H Hatfield is a Director of Development at Deseret Digital Media. He's been programming PHP since PHP 3. He lives with his wife and twins in Layton, UT.

Jeremy Mikola @jmikola

Doctrine, Object Persistence, and You
Lightning Talk
Jeremy Mikola is a software engineer at MongoDB's NYC office. As a member of the driver and evangelism team, he helps develop the PHP driver and contributes to various OSS projects, such as Doctrine ODM, Symfony2 and Zend Framework. Previously, Jeremy helped build great things with Symfony2, MongoDB, and a handful of other interesting technologies at OpenSky and Exercise.com. Jeremy lives in Hoboken, NJ and is known to enjoy a good sandwich.

John Coggeshall @coogle

Introduction to Zend Framework 2
Virtualization for Developers
John Coggeshall is owner of Internet Technology Solutions, a PHP consultancy and highspeed outdoor WiFi provider. A former senior member of Zend Technologies' Global Services team, he got started with PHP in 1997 and is the author of four published books and over 100 articles on PHP technologies with some of the biggest names in the industry such as Sams Publishing, Apress and O'Reilly. John also is a active contributor to the PHP core as the author of the tidy extension, a member of the Zend Education Advisory Board, and frequent speaker at PHP-related conferences worldwide.

Josh Adell @josh_adell

Migrating to Dependency Injection
Application Domain Modeling with Graph Databases
Josh been a software developer specializing in web applications since 2002. He lives in Durham, NC, working in PHP, Javascript, and SQL for ServiceTrade, a startup dedicated to making the facilities services industry more efficient for vendors and customers. As the creator of Neo4jPHP, a PHP library for working with the Neo4j graph database, Josh enjoys evangelizing graph databases and architectures to anyone foolish enough to ask about them. In his spare time, Josh enjoys puttering around with new technologies, vegetable gardening, reading about pretty much anything, [tabletop|video]-gaming, geocaching and winning at bar trivia.

Julien Pauli @julienpauli

All you need to know about PHP 5.5
PHP objects internal design
Julien is a software architect who's been playing with PHP for more than a decade. He now mainly contributes to PHP internals and is writting a book about PHP's engine. He is PHP 5.5 release manager.

Laura Thomson @lxt

I Can't Believe You Still Do It That Way: A Best Practices Retrospective
Laura Thomson is Senior Engineering Manager, Web Engineering at Mozilla Corporation. Previously she worked extensively as a consultant and computer science academic. She is the author of two books: PHP and MySQL Web Development and MySQL Tutorial. She has spoken at many conferences worldwide.

Lauren OMeara @jantzl

Backbone.js and Yii
Lauren has been a software developer for 15 years. In this time, she has contributed to network security, web, and mobile applications. She has co-written a book about rapid application development using the Yii PHP framework. Currently she enjoys country living and running a software consultancy in Franklin, TN.

Mac Newbold @macnewbold

Single Page Applications and Javascript MVVM Frameworks
Mac has been heavily involved in the Utah PHP community for over a decade, and enjoys the adventures of web development and service-oriented architectures. He works at Vivint leading a team of web application developers, building internal applications with tools like EmberJS and a custom PHP MVC framework. He spends his non-work time with his wife and 8 kids, and often a troop of Boy Scouts.

Mahesh Gattani @maheshgattani1

PHP arrays, why they are slow and how to make them fast.
Xhprof, a low cost PHP profiler
Mahesh Gattani is the Senior Software Engineer at Lucid Software Inc. He graduated from IIT Delhi India in 2010 with a Bachelor in Technology majoring in Computer Science. He is an Ex-Citrix and Ex-Zynga employee. He has worked on mobile/quality assurance/scripting/scaling. Given the scale at which Zynga operated with a PHP code base, he has spent a few too many sleepless nights trying to optimize the code base. Mahesh was born and brought up in India and is currently living in Utah. He is not a fan of really cold weather so don't ask him why he choose to stay in Utah.

Matthew Barlocker

ORM or SQL? A Better Way to Query in MySQL
Matthew Barlocker is the Chief Architect at Lucid Software Inc. Since receiving a bachelor's in Computer Science from BYU in 2008, he has worked tirelessly to create highly-available, scalable applications in the consulting, internet security, social gaming, and financial industries. Away from work, Matthew enjoys playing strategy games, 4-wheeling, and wrestling his two sons.

Mike Stowe @mikegstowe

Building a REST API with Zend Framework 2
Traits and Horizontal Design
Michael Stowe is a Zend Certified Software Engineer and Developer Advocate with Constant Contact, the leading small business marketing platform with over 500,000 customers. With over 10 years experience, he is also an active member of OWASP, and helps organize the Minnesota PHP user group and the Twin Cities Software Engineers group, and the MidwestPHP Conference (@midwestphp). You can follow Michael on Twitter @mikegstowe, or view his slides on PHP at http://www.mikestowe.com/slides.

Omni Adams @omnicolor

Phing all the things
Omni Adams has been a professional web developer for over a decade, primarily using PHP and MySQL. He currently plies his trade as a developer at Mashery. When not playing hockey or brewing beer, he barks at coworkers about their lack of unit tests and automates all of the boring things in his job.

Paul Jones @pmjones

Decoupled Library Packages for PHP 5.4

Paul is an internationally recognized PHP expert who has worked as everything from junior developer to VP of Engineering in all kinds of organizations (corporate, military, non-profit, educational, medical, and others). Paul's latest open-source project is the Aura project for PHP. Among his other accomplishments, Paul is the lead developer of the Solar Framework, and the creator of the Savant template system. He has authored a series of authoritative benchmarks on dynamic framework performance, and was a founding contributor to the Zend Framework (the DB, DB_Table, and View components). He was also a member of the Zend PHP 5.3 Certification education advisory board. In a previous career, Paul was an intelligence operations specialist for the US Air Force, and enjoys putting .308 holes in targets at 400 yards.

Russell Ahlstrom @janiv2

Managing Project Dependencies with Composer
Creating a Living Styleguide with KSS PHP
I've been programming professionally since 2004. I'm currently the VP of Web Development at Scan where their focus is to connect the physical world with the digital world. We use the Symfony2 framework, composer, SCSS with BEM like syntax, EmberJS, and a bunch of restful API's.

Samantha Quiñones @ieatkillerbees

Scale With Precision - Designing Service Architectures for the Cloud
Demystifying the REST API
Samantha Quiñones is a software engineer and lead developer at POLITICO.com. Before moving to digital media publishing, she spent 15 years developing software in the network security and financial services industries. Since 2005, her focus has been on designing functional, scalable web services and applications. Samantha is an active member of the Washington, DC PHP developer community, occasional blogger, and full-time process nerd.

Vance Lucas @vlucas

Bullet: The Functional PHP Micro-Framework
Vance has been involved in web development for over 15 years, and is the Co-Founder of a web and mobile app development studio in Oklahoma City called Brightbit. Vance is actively involved in the developer community and is the co-founder and president of the Oklahoma City JavaScript User Group. Vance is a polyglot programmer and actively uses PHP, JavaScript, and Ruby/Rails for development work. Vance created and maintains the Bullet PHP micro-framework, Valitron validation library, phpDataMapper, and Frisby.js open-source projects, among many others

Velda Christensen @supernovia

WordPress for Devs: How to get WordPress to Work with Your Code
Geek. Mom. Warrior Princess.
MFEC 101
MFEC 203
MPDC 209
MPDC 220
MFEC 101
MFEC 203
MPDC 209
MPDC 220

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