Don’t Make these Mistakes with Your SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial if you want to get any organic traffic from Google.  Google is constantly upgrading their algorithm and effective SEO needs to stay current with what Google expects.  Content needs to be on point along with all of the technical aspects, working with an SEO agency that knows how Google works can do tremendous things for your business.  If you are doing your own then don’t make these mistakes with your SEO.

Meta Descriptions & Tags

Writing a good meta description and title tags is an art.  You want to let Google know just what your content is about along with your readers.  Title tags let your visitors quickly browse your site and find out what the content is about and which parts they want to read.  Meta descriptions tell Google what the content is about and sometimes they show up in the search results page.  Here is how to properly write tags and descriptions.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is always a big no-no.  Plagiarism is never a good thing but Google really frowns on duplicate content too and they can not only tank your rankings your site can be removed from the index altogether.  On top of all that you can get sued.  There are plenty of sites where you can affordably hire a ghost writer to help you with content.

Too Long to Load

This is the era of mobile browsing and you need to make sure that your site will load quickly especially on a mobile device.  If your site takes too long to load you will lose your traffic.  Have your webmaster tweak your site until the load times are satisfactory. You can check your site on GTMetrix or on Google Page Speed test.  Both sites will also tell you what you need to do to speed things up.

Check for Broken Links

If you run a blog and you routinely link out to other sites you need to make sure those links are still functioning.  You can run checks on your site with tools like Screaming Frog, Cora or a browser extension.  Find those broken links and remove them or direct them to a different site that is active with good content.  This is an easy fix and should be done routinely.

Even the most skilled SEO professional can make mistakes from time to time.  These are some of the more common mistakes that happen, all of them are super easy to fix so make sure you aren’t making these mistakes.