January 14-15, 2016 Salt Lake City, Utah

About Ski PHP

For a while, several members of the Utah PHP Users Group have been discussing the need for a PHP conference in the western United States. The greater Salt Lake area is home to many large tech companies that rely on PHP for their core business, and it seemed like a great place to have a conference.


Steve Meyers has worked as a PHP and MySQL scalability expert since 1998 at such companies as Omniture (now part of Adobe), Spark Networks, and CrimeReports. He now runs one of the largest independent online communities of college sports fans.

For the last two years, Steve has been a co-organizer of the OpenWest Conference and a core team member of the Utah Open Source Foundation. When he's not too busy with that, he's also the current leader of the Provo Linux User Group.

Justin Carmony has been programming professionally in PHP since 2005. He works in Salt Lake City, Utah where he currently is a Director of Development for Deseret Digital Media, a local media company that runs some of Utah's largest websites. In the past he has worked for CEVO, a video game company that runs hosted online tournaments for companies like Dell, nVidia, DirectTV, and others.

He currently is the President of the Utah PHP Usergroup and in past was a core team member of the Utah Open Source Foundation.

H Hatfield started using PHP in 1999 and vows that one of these days he will get good at it. He currently works for Deseret Digital Media as the Director of Development for E-Commerce. In the past he has worked on sites for MoneyDesktop, Mrs. Fields Cookies, Smithsonian Magazine and cetera.

When not working, H used to spend his spare time singing with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and attending culinary school, but since the birth of his twins, prefers to stay home and play with them and his wife.